Downloadable forms from the Henry County Environmental Health office.

  Henry County Environmental Health Forms

These forms are from the county Environmental Health office and are for general public use. These files have been created for your use and are in a PDF format. If you don't have a program that can read PDF files, please click HERE to get the Adobe Reader. Other information may go here also as deemed needed by the Office Holder.

Septic Permit Application - Page One
Septic Permit Application - Page Two
Septic Permit Application - Page Three
Private Well Water Construction Application
Application To Obtain Grant To Plug Wells and Cisterns
Basic Information
Food Service Establishment License Application
Application to Operate a Farmer's Market Food Establishment
Application for Temporary Food Service License
Regulations for Temporary Food Establishments
Application for a Home Food Establishment License
Application for Vending Machine Operator's License
Short Course in Food Safety
(Power Point presentation - click here to download the Power Point Viewer)
Temporary Hand Washing Setup
Pre-Event Self-Inspection Checklist
On-Site Waste Water Treatment and Disposal System Ordinance
Private Water Well Construction Permit Rules
Trash Collection Center Regulations
Environmental Health Fees
Bed Bugs
Frequently Asked Questions About Mold


Late fall at Lake Geode

Wild Prairie Rose - state flower of Iowa

Low sun at Geode State Park

White-trillium:native Iowa plant